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Track & Trace

A simple and non-intrusive system

Telematics systems, such as Geolocation, are very simple and non-intrusive. A box that is installed in your vehicle, communicates with the platform of BizzTrack. The platform receives all data transmitted by GPS / Sat Nav / GPRS and converts these into reports to offer real-time monitoring of your car fleet.

Thanks to the cloud technology, the management is extremely simple and efficient. Costs are not only significantly reduced, but the system also enables you to monitor the real-time information from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Can be used on all media
(pc, tablet, ...)

100% via the Internet



Added value for your business

The benefits to your business are countless and, naturally, differ from company to company. The main points are: a reduction in fuel consumption by more profitable journeys, monitoring of your staff so that real-time action can be taken when necessary, insight into the driving behaviour of your chauffeurs, a reduction of CO2 emissions and, in particular, an increase of the productivity of your employees working outside of the company.

Obviously, we take into account the data that are important to your structure. You have access to various detailed reports facilitating you to retrieve valuable information for your business.

A decrease in consumption

A reduction of the CO2 emissions

An increase in productivity

The monitoring of driving behaviour

Detailed reports