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Thanks to its sophisticated track & Trace system, BizzTrack offers a wide range of accurate reports:

  • Downtime report: provides an overview of repetitive downtime (location of deliveries, etc.) for the same vehicle or driver for a certain period of time. This report is an excellent tool for calculating productivity of your sites;
  • Vehicle reports: give you a detailed or synthesized overview of all journeys (start and finish) that each vehicle made per day or over a certain period of time;
  • Fleet report: offers you the possibility to search and retrieve specific data on all your vehicles, including the number of kilometres travelled, fuel consumption, time needed to travel a certain route, tire wear time, etc. You can also modulate your fleet by creating specific groups to better manage the use of your vehicles or machines, especially in the case of operational leasing, or to better distribute their wear;
  • Alarm notification: you can also set up alarms on our track & trace system. For example, when a vehicle with an installed alarm starts, you will receive a warning by e-mail. This system informs you when vehicles are used outside authorised working hours or if within a permitted or prohibited area.