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Our products

Vehicle Tracking

The benefits to your business are countless and, indeed, are different for every company. The main points are: a reduction in fuel consumption by more profitable journeys, monitoring of your staff so that real-time action can be taken when necessary, insight into driving behaviour, a reduction of the CO2 emissions and, in particular, an increase of the productivity of your employees who work outside of the company.

Of course, we take into account the data that are important to your structure. You have access to various detailed reports, enabling you to choose the information that is valuable to your business.

Trailer Tracking

Bizztrack offers an innovative solution for the real-time tracking of your trailers and containers with management of the mileages.

Increased security and control of your equipment, reduction of theft and unauthorized use through alerts and notifications

Monitoring of your equipment at a great distance or a quick localization within a certain area

Improvement of your service and the maintenance in order to drastically reduce the stop times and lost working hours.

Temperature monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring.

Bizztrack offers a total solution for the transport sector of refrigerated trucks. This solution provides a secure and reliable control of the cold-chain and alerts you when the required temperature zones of the chamber are exceeded. The merging of the cold-data with the tracking data make that the temperature of the load can be checked and monitored during any stage of the transport.